DataLog 4.0.13

Version: AgWare DataLog 4.0.13 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 4, 2015
Download Link: Download Now

New/Updated ‘av-fiy0r’

  • New program icon
  • The sales grid now has a hover highlight (lighter blue) as well as the selected sale highlight (brighter blue).
  • Redirected and renamed the “AgWare Homepage” under the help menu to go to the “Online Help” on the AgWare website.
  • You can now convert .csv files using the Excel conversion tool. Previously customers were limited to .xls and .xlsx files.
  • When using the Excel conversion tool, your file must contain a header row now.
  • You can update existing sales using the Excel conversion tool.
  • You can attach files to sales when using the Excel conversion tool feature.
  • The Excel conversion tool will now alert you if there are blank rows found in your spreadsheet.
  • There is now a summary shown once excel conversion is completed. It shows how many sales were created, how many sales were updated, and how many blank rows were skipped.
  • “Update empty calculated fields” option has been added to the batch post utility.
  • Added a new improvement input method: Enter Effective Age and Contribution.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-7qmyz’

  • Updated, more reliable template designer is in place.
  • If the (-) is missing from the longitude in the mapping section, DataLog will now automatically add it.
  • The legal description and comments sections can now handle special characters such as ¼ , ½ ,~, etc.
  • Tables on the sale view templates will no longer split over two pages.
  •  Ignore a locked thumbs.db file in the attachment editor.