ClickForms 7.4.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.4.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: June 24, 2015
Download Link: Download Now
Fixes/Corrections ‘av-7rfio’
  • Form IRS 2032 incorrectly calculated the total estimated income. It was previously calculating an average, but the correct value is a sum.
  • When you changed the text size for the effective date on an approach page, it reverted the Quickstart, Report Summary, and Certification dates to show just MM/YYYY, instead of what it was showing before the text size change which was MM/DD/YYYY.
  • The export sale as subject did not use some of the newer forms in ClickFORMS. For example, comments are pulled from the Subject Land Description form (1003) but were not for the newer streamlined version of the form (1303) that is now the default for our templates.
  • The UCRR subject improvements page did not calculate/import data for the effective age/remaining life fields like the UAAR form does.
  • An error was raised if a date of 09/31/2013 is put into the Effective Date of Appraisal. Invalid dates were ignored but something close errored and would not let the user exit the cell.
  • Condensed summary sales comparison approach form needed context IDs for each of the sales – the index number wasn’t flowing through.
  • The text on the UAAR Cover Page – Form ID 1040 did not center with the headings unless the user manually centered the items using spaces to move the text over.
  • Three DOT forms did not have Context IDs for the company name and file number fields so that it would transfer in and out. Those three forms were: DOTRW Generic Cover, DOTRW Recon & Allocation, and DOTRW Taking Summary.
  • Changed locking code to avoid Dropbox conflicts.
  • Don’t trim spaces from titles when setting page name.
  • The new improvement depreciation method Enter Effective Age and Contribution added a value to the DataLog configuration file, so when you opened up ClickFORMS after installing the new DataLog, you got an error saying “Invalid property type”.
  • Disabled over-type mode.
  • ClickFORMS no longer allows the user to save to temp internet files.