DataLog 3.2.7

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.2.7 – Release Notes
Release Date: November 11, 2013

New/Updated ‘av-exg2v’

  • Improvement Input Methods
    • There are three options for entering improvements now: enter percentages method, enter contribution method, and enter effective age method. You will see the improvement options button in the improvement analysis section. Also, the improvement math options have moved to the improvement input method dialog box rather than the configuration options.
    • Our Improvement Depreciation help page has a video demonstrating how the different input methods work.
  • Updated Sale Views
    • The show all, two page sale sheet, and one page sale sheet sales views have been updated. The show all view actually shows all fields now – we have added the grantor and grantee additional details, the financing details, and latitude and longitude. The two page sale sheet and the one page sale sheet look exactly like the one and two page sale sheets in ClickFORMS. If there are any empty rows for the tables, they will be automatically collapsed for the show all template. You also have the option to print the extra pages on every sales view now.
  • Full Text Search for Enterprise Users
    • Enterprise users can now search the legal description and comment fields for full text.
  • Minimum and Maximum on Improvements
    • A minimum and a maximum unit size field have been added to the improvements search option for all users
  • Refresh Sales
    • There is an added tool in the tools menu for enterprise customers to ensure that they have the latest version of a sale from the central database.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-98s0v’

  • Previously, pressing the ‘x’ on the confirmation dialog when deleting sales still deleted the sales. This has been fixed and the only way the sales will be deleted is by pressing OK.
  • The map sales report number and letter labels are no longer sorted by ID number – it is now by the way the sales appear in the sales grid.
  • The analyze improvement report now shows depreciation percentages when there are decimal places present.
  • The database diagnostics have been altered to delete sale attribute, land, income, and expense nodes that have no print order.
  • Latitude and longitude can now be added as required fields in rule sets.
  • If you have a null size in your improvements when doing a search, it should return the sales anyway.
  • The ‘synchronize sales’ button in the tools menu was changed to ‘find un-posted sales’.
  • When searching by land mix, the software used to error if a minimum and/or maximum unit size were entered, but no land use was selected. This has now been fixed.
  • A sale won’t pass validation now for enterprise customers if the state field in the grantor and grantee details is longer than two characters.
  • The Collateral Evaluation window now sorts bare dollar per acre correctly.
  • The Collateral Evaluation window copy selected option now copies the selected sales even if the sort is changed.
  • The save button in the attachments section of a sale has been renamed to export to avoid confusion.