DataLog 3.2.5

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.2.5 – Release Notes
Release Date: August 10, 2013

New/Updated ‘av-dspk7’

  • Permanent Planting
    • The Permanent Planting printout option has been renamed to Narrative.
    • Cap Rate, Yield Rate, and Lat/Long are now included in printouts.
  • Latitude/Longitude
    • Latitude and Longitude were added to Excel Integration.
  • Importing PDFs
    • It is possible to select a PDF file for use in any of the Photo page cells. They will print on the new print templates and will import directly into ClickFORMS. The “Exhibit(s) from PDF…” button will import a multipage PDF into exhibit pages (max of 10 PDF pages).
  • Yield Rate
    • There is a new option in the Income Section that allows calculation of a Yield Rate.
    • Yield Rate was also added to the Narrative printout as previously described, and was added to the grid display.
  • Enhanced Search by Date Range
    • Search the sales with a two-digit year in the Date Range.
  • Drag/Drop/Paste/Scan Images
    • Now it is possible to drag/drop/paste/scan images directly into a Photo Page.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-8o3q7’

  • The Permanent Planting template now shows the correct contributory value in the Improvement Section.
  • The Sale Allocation section shows decimal places for Acres.