ClickForms 7.3.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.3.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: December 13, 2013

New/Updated ‘av-fbr23’

  • There is a new Environmental Inspection form in the FCS sub-folder.
  • In response to user requests, two new “no border” forms are now available in a new folder “Letter Forms” in the ClickFORMS Forms Library. The new forms “Letter – Plain” and “Letterhead – No Signature” together with the two previously existing forms now provide multiple options for configuring a letter whether it is single or multi-page, with/without signature, and with/without letterhead. All four letter forms are located in the Letter Forms folder.
  • The Scope of Work and the FAMC Limiting Conditions forms were updated as a result of the most recent USPAP changes.
  • The FAMC Summary 1027A has substantial updates across its three pages as highlighted below.
  • There is a new check-box feature in Preferences-Operations that sets the frames for photo cells and exhibit cells. Now there is no need to turn on/off each frame separately. With the Auto Frame Photo Cells box checked, once an image is placed in a photo cell, the frame is added automatically.
  • An updated Compact Appraisal – SARR is now available. It contains a few text changes, such as that seen for item#21. The old form was archived.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-acqm3’

  • Bold, italicized, or underlined text now retains formatting on word processing pages when font size is changed.
  • Labels were switched for ROV Indication and Total Contributions on the ROV and ROV Ex forms and are now labeled correctly.
  • The cursor has been reset to its proper position on the QuickStart page for the UAAR Template.
  • Title changes made to the 4-photo page now update in the Forms Manager.
  • The data transfer problem for the Exec Summary Form was resolved. Transfer from the reconciliation page now works correctly.
  • Text boxes now “fill” the frames for the text field groups on cover pages.
  • Two minor text corrections were made to the FEMA Flood form.
  • A minor typo on the Highest & Best Use form was corrected.
  • Forms using the term “consultant” were archived due to the most recent USPAP changes.