ClickForms 7.2.9

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.2.9 – Release Notes
Release Date: January 29, 2013


  • Automatically adjust formatting to match the current report when adding a new page. Prior to this release when adding a new page the formatting for individual cells was always set back to the default.  ClickFORMS will now check to see if a similar cell is already in the report and copy the formatting from that cell.  In addition when a number is entered on a formatted page the formatting is automatically transferred through the report.  Previously users needed to manually select the “Replicate Cell Preferences” option.  In most cases this will no longer be needed as the formatting will automatically update.
  • PDFs can now be imported into Photo Pages that have been transferred into ClickFORMS from DataLog.
  • The PDF import process has been updated to support more PDF files.
  • There is a new 4-photo page in the Forms Library.
  • There is a new field for Income Approach on the Condensed Summary forms.
  • “Units” has been added to the Improvement sections on Condensed Summary forms.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-btbd5’

  • If spaces are left behind when clearing cells, the Access Violation message will no longer occur.
  • The Template Not Found message no longer appears when the default template can’t be found.
  • When spell checking one of multiple open reports, closing another will no longer cause an error.