ClickForms 7.2.11

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.2.11 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 03, 2013
Download Link: Download Now

New/Updated ‘av-grgxx’

  • The spell checker could end up replacing portions of words if changes were made to a cell being checked in an area that was already spell checked.  Spell checking on the cell will now continue from the correct location.
  • The spell checker on Word Processor pages would check the text multiple times, equal to the number of linked pages.  The word processor pages will now only be checked once.

Fixes/Corrections ‘av-92gpx’

  • Fixed an error when editing a sale in ClickFORMS that contained an image attachment in the PNG format.
  • Corrected missing lines on the FCS Reconciliation EX form.
  • Corrected misspelling on the Report Summary ‘04 form.
  • Updated the PDF import component.
  • Auto and Manual Numbering Sales will number incorrectly if the Sale Index for the sales are the same.
  • Change form “UAAR Sales Comp – Split Time Adj” to calculate the Time Adj value assuming zero for a blank Period or Rate.
  • Tool-tips in Photo Sheet can cause Errors on invalid images.  Tool-tips are no longer displayed.
  • Don’t error if the Quick Access Toolbar settings cannot be saved.