ClickForms 7.3.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.3.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: December 13, 2013

  • There is a new Environmental Inspection form in the FCS sub-folder.
  • In response to user requests, two new “no border” forms are now available in a new folder “Letter Forms” in the ClickFORMS Forms Library. The new forms “Letter – Plain” and “Letterhead – No Signature” together with the two previously existing forms now provide multiple options for configuring a letter whether it is single or multi-page, with/without signature, and with/without letterhead. All four letter forms are located in the Letter Forms folder.
  • The Scope of Work and the FAMC Limiting Conditions forms were updated as a result of the most recent USPAP changes.
  • The FAMC Summary 1027A has substantial updates across its three pages as highlighted below.
  • There is a new check-box feature in Preferences-Operations that sets the frames for photo cells and exhibit cells. Now there is no need to turn on/off each frame separately. With the Auto Frame Photo Cells box checked, once an image is placed in a photo cell, the frame is added automatically.
  • An updated Compact Appraisal – SARR is now available. It contains a few text changes, such as that seen for item#21. The old form was archived.
  • Bold, italicized, or underlined text now retains formatting on word processing pages when font size is changed.
  • Labels were switched for ROV Indication and Total Contributions on the ROV and ROV Ex forms and are now labeled correctly.
  • The cursor has been reset to its proper position on the QuickStart page for the UAAR Template.
  • Title changes made to the 4-photo page now update in the Forms Manager.
  • The data transfer problem for the Exec Summary Form was resolved. Transfer from the reconciliation page now works correctly.
  • Text boxes now “fill” the frames for the text field groups on cover pages.
  • Two minor text corrections were made to the FEMA Flood form.
  • A minor typo on the Highest & Best Use form was corrected.
  • Forms using the term “consultant” were archived due to the most recent USPAP changes.

December 2013 Newsletter

The year is closing in on us quickly and we know our customers are ready for a merry surprise.

The AgWare Team appreciates all the support you have shown, and we wish for you a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
New ClickFORMS Update – Version 7.3.2
The new ClickFORMS 7.3.2 release is available on the website. Changes are detailed in the Release Notes.

USPAP Form Changes
The new 2014-2015 USPAP will take effect January 1st, 2014. The two items affecting ClickFORMS are renaming the “Restricted Use Appraisal Report” to “Restricted Appraisal Report” and the removal of the “Summary Report” term. The new ClickFORMS 7.3.2 contains the updated forms.