January 2013 Newsletter

We hope you all have had a great start in 2013. Those of you we talked to in December were very busy with end of the year work. Hopefullly you are all caught up and only as busy as you want to be.

We have been working hard on the software. New versions of both the DataLog and ClickFORMS are ready for you to start using. When you head over to our Download Page make sure you check out the new look of our website. We are also in the process of reworking our help section. Soon all of our help will be in one place with better options for those who want to print a user manual. Speaking of printing you may want to look at the improved printing support in the DataLog.

For Enterprise users there were changes to the server so make sure to wait for the update from your IT departments.
New Software Updates

AgWare DataLog 3.1.3: Main features include Improved Printing Support and the ability to use PDF files on Photo Pages.
Full Release Notes for DataLog

AgWare ClickFORMS 7.2.9: Main features include importing PDF Photo Pages from the DataLog and automatically setting cell formatting.
Full Release Notes for ClickFORMS

ClickForms 7.2.9

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.2.9 – Release Notes
Release Date: January 29, 2013

  • Automatically adjust formatting to match the current report when adding a new page. Prior to this release when adding a new page the formatting for individual cells was always set back to the default.  ClickFORMS will now check to see if a similar cell is already in the report and copy the formatting from that cell.  In addition when a number is entered on a formatted page the formatting is automatically transferred through the report.  Previously users needed to manually select the “Replicate Cell Preferences” option.  In most cases this will no longer be needed as the formatting will automatically update.
  • PDFs can now be imported into Photo Pages that have been transferred into ClickFORMS from DataLog.
  • The PDF import process has been updated to support more PDF files.
  • There is a new 4-photo page in the Forms Library.
  • There is a new field for Income Approach on the Condensed Summary forms.
  • “Units” has been added to the Improvement sections on Condensed Summary forms.
  • If spaces are left behind when clearing cells, the Access Violation message will no longer occur.
  • The Template Not Found message no longer appears when the default template can’t be found.
  • When spell checking one of multiple open reports, closing another will no longer cause an error.

DataLog 3.1.3

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.1.3  – Release Notes
Release Date: January 29, 2013

  • PDF files may now be inserted into photo pages
    • When setting up Photo Pages in the DataLog a PDF file can now be used.  Previously only JPEG or PNG images could be used in the Photo Pages.  This will allow users to directly use scans or PDF files from Websites and transfer them from DataLog to ClickFORMS.  To use the feature simply click the “Set Image” button and select the PDF file.   The first page of the PDF file will be used.
    • If you have a multipage PDF file that needs all pages inserted there is a new “Add Exhibit” button.  This will  let you select a PDF file and then adds an Exhibit page for every page in the PDF file (max of 10 pages).
  • Printing sales from DataLog has been enhanced
    • The print quality in the DataLog has been improved.  It will now be much closer to the ClickFORMS format and is no longer dependent on your Internet Explorer settings.  Both the new and old version of the sale printouts will be available in the DataLog.  You can change between the versions by changing the “View” option above the sale sheet.  The value “1. Default” will change to the new version of the sale sheet.  Options 2-4 are the old versions of the printouts prior to this release.
    • In addition to producing a better looking printout the new sale view allows for all of the sale data to be shown.  This includes Photo Pages and expanded Improvement Pages.  These pages are turned off by default to ensure changing between two sales is fast.  Once you are looking at a specific sale you can click on the “Show Extra Pages” button at the bottom of the screen to add the additional pages to the view.
    • There are two other options available.  One is “Copy All”.  This will copy the complete sale sheet to the clipboard.  The new format is word processor friendly and can be pasted directly into your e-mail or word processing programs.    There is also a zoom option for changing the size of the printout in the preview window.
  • Within the Photo pages section, a bug with the Add button on the Select Attachment form has been fixed; images for photo pages can be added directly rather than first being attached from the Attachments section. (Right)
  • A non-integer value entered into the improvement Total Life cell no longer causes an exception when posting the sale to an Enterprise database.
  • Both speed and manner with which image thumbnails are handled have been improved
  • The issue with the Attachment window has been resolved; it no longer errors when the user presses the Copy Image button without having selected an image first. A pop-up reminder is displayed:
  • The Analyze Land Trend Field Chooser form will now stay in place
  • Empty Comments and Pictures cells are now clearly distinguished from each other
  • The Add button in the Select Attachment dialog box has been re-enabled
  • A non-integer value in the improvement Total Life cell no longer causes an exception when posting a sale
  • Add a configuration option to disable thumbnail generation.
Enterprise Specific
  • Dropping files on a folder no longer causes the focus to change.
  • During a search for a date range, sales with an empty sale date will be returned
  • It is now possible to set and search for Multiple Property Types and Multiple Land Uses
  • It is now possible to select a network location for the My Sales folder
  • Startup time has been improved
  • Unit has been added to the Range Entry Improvement Grid