ClickForms 7.1

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.1  – Release Notes
Release Date: February 28, 2012

  • Add New Certification Forms
    • USPAP now requires a statement regarding prior services on the certification page. Our certification pages have been updated to reflect the new wording. There are four certification pages you can choose from. Each of the options is available in both a single and dual signature version.
      • USPAP Standard 2 – Appraisal Report
        UAAR Forms LibraryCertificationsAppraiser Certification
      • USPAP Standard 5 – Consulting Report
        UAAR Forms LibraryCertificationsConsultant Certification
      • Blank Certification – Useful if you don’t like checkboxes
        UAAR Forms LibraryCertificationsBlank Certification
      • FCS Certification – Adds specific items required by FCA regulations
        Additional RequirementsFCSFCS Certification
  • Multi-Select Function Works for All Cell Options
    • You can now use multi-select to change font size, style, rounding and other cell options. To select multiple cells click on the first cell you want to change. Then hold down the shift key and click on the last cell you want to change. All of the cells in between the first and last cell will be selected and will have a yellow background color. Now simply change the font size or other cell options and see all of the cells change at once.
  • Update Farmer Mac Forms and Templates
    • The new Farmer Mac forms have been added and the templates, including the guide notes, have been updated.
  • Added Chattel Forms
    • A new set of forms for Chattel appraisals has been added to the ClickFORMS Forms Library. These forms were developed together with one of our Farm Credit customers. A generic set of forms is included for everyone’s use. In addition, other pages designed specifically for Crop, Livestock, Feed Yards, Machinery, etc. are available for purchase. If you would like more information or a demo of those forms please contact us.
  • UAD file conversion was broken in version 7.0. This has been fixed.
  • The $/Deeded Acre was not formatted on all of the Sale Forms. This has been fixed.
  • Images pasted from Microsoft Streets and Trips will now display correctly.
  • Fixed Printer Collation issue on Windows 7.
  • Fixed loss of formatting when merging reports or dragging forms between reports.
  • Improved performance when saving to a network drive on Windows 7.
  • Files are now locked to prevent errors when saving.

DataLog 2.3

Version: AgWare DataLog 2.3  – Release Notes
Release Date: February 28, 2012

  • Trend Reports
    • The Land and Improvement Reports have been enhanced with a new Trend tab. These reports will let you look for and graph trends in your sales data. The report is similar to the pivot tables in your spreadsheet software. Data points and axis fields can be selected to create your own custom report. That report can then be saved and applied to a new search with just a few clicks. Some built-in reports are installed to help get you started. AgWare is working on creating more complete documentation for using this new report. If you are ready to jump in now and have questions just give us a call and we can walk you through the basics.
  • New Sharing Options
    • A common question we hear is “How do I keep files updated on two computers?” or “How do I share sales with another appraiser?” AgWare has offered an online database option for several years but it never really solved the problem. It turns out that lots of people without their own servers have this problem. A number of companies have started offering very low cost or even free file synchronization services. Using these services with the DataLog has always worked, but it was difficult to configure everything correctly. With this release of the DataLog we now support Folder Links. This makes the setup very easy. In just a few minutes you can be sharing sales between your computers – even if you don’t own a server.
  • File Synchronization
    • Why we love Dropbox
      • There are plenty of companies that offer file synchronization. These include Windows Live Mesh, SugarSync, box, Synplicity, SpiderOak, and others. We have found that Dropbox is the simplest to setup and use. If you have more complicated sharing needs you may want to compare other services to Dropbox. They will all work to share AgWare files across computers. However our documentation will provide the specific steps to help setup Dropbox. If you have questions about using a different service please call or e-mail us.
    • Three Birds – One Stone
      • One nice benefit with a service like Dropbox is solving three problems at the same time. It can be used to synchronize DataLog Sales as well as ClickFORMS reports across multiple computers. In fact it can be used with any file you need to share. Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDF files and images will all sync the same way. The third benefit is e-mailing links for large files. If you have ever tried to e-mail someone a large file, you know how difficult that can be. With Dropbox, simply save your file in the Public folder on your computer and e-mail the link. The other person does not need to be a Dropbox user to download your file.
    • Make Sure you Understand the Policies
      • We think these services are great. But you need to understand that you are trusting another company with some of your data. In order to move files between your computers, their software and servers will be reading and storing your data. Any synchronization service will publish information on their security and privacy measures. Here is the page for Dropbox ( It is about as interesting as reading USPAP, but we do recommend that you take the time look at it.


  • Searching by Attributes now brings back Approved Values only. This makes the attribute search much easier to use.
  • New Cache: Although not something that you can see directly we upgraded some of the internal parts of the Datalog. This upgrade will increase the speed and stability of the program. It will especially benefit users who have their My Sales folder located on a network drive.
  • Using grid filters are now case insensitive for enterprise search results.
  • File Modify Date and File Name were added to the Sales Grid. This can be helpful when using Dropbox, but are also useful for all users. Sorting by File Modify Date can help you quickly find the sale you just changed.
  • The process for moving your My Sales folder has been adjusted to avoid errors during the move.