July 2011 Newsletter

Last week we sent out an e-mail announcing a new version of AgWare ClickFORMS. Shortly after that e-mail we found and fixed two issues and updated the current version to 7.0.9.
We try to not have releases so close together. In this case we felt the changes were important enough for a new release.

There were three items changed between these versions.

1) 7.0.8 introduced a bug that would allow our new Word Processor pages to be separated in a report. If the pages are moved out of order the word processor comments can be lost (i.e. an overflow page two is moved before page one).
2) We had reports of the word processor text printing too large. This has been fixed so that the text will print out in a size consistent with the rest of the report. You can still change the font size as needed. Previously if the font size was set the same in a Word Processor pages as the rest of the report the Word Processor page would print larger.
This change required us to change how existing Word Processor pages will print. After updating to 7.0.9 any word processor pages in existing reports will print out smaller than before. The page breaks will still be in the same locations so the page numbers in the report will not change. Just the text itself will be smaller and will wrap before the right edge. In new reports the text will use the full width of the page.
3) The Word Processor page did not wrap correctly if Windows was set to use large fonts. This only affected users that had changed their windows settings to use larger than normal fonts.
We updated the download site on Friday. If you downloaded then you already have the current version. You can verify this by clicking on the “Help” tab in AgWare ClickFORMS and then the “About AgWare ClickFORMS” button. That will show you your current version number.
If you upgraded to version 7.0.8 while it was available we suggest that you download and install version 7.0.9.