DataLog 2.2

Version: AgWare DataLog 2.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: November 09, 2011


  • Excel Add-In: A change in the previous version caused empty cells to import as a blank cell instead of a zero (0). This affected formulas that expected a 0 to calculate correctly. The old behavior has been restored.
  • Allow the sale editor to be invoked for sales in a AgWare ClickFORMS report. This lets users change a sale in the report without affecting the DataLog version of the sale.
  • Special characters like a degree symbol had additional letters added when pulled out of an Enterprise database search. This has been fixed.
  • Better handling of dates when importing from a Excel spreadsheet.
  • Excel import now works with Excel 2010.
  • Update multiple sales at one time. (2.2.7)
  • Update sales data for the purpose of sharing sales. (2.2.7)