DataLog 2.1

Version: AgWare DataLog 2.1  – Release Notes
Release Date: April 30, 2010


    • When you open the DataLog it will automatically show the folder (and sale) that was last accessed/selected. In addition, any changes that were made to the window settings will be retained. If you resize the sections of the DataLog by dragging the section dividers, DataLog will remember the new settings; the next time you open it, it will be just as you left it.
    • The sale editor in DataLog now has collapsible sections. Navigating the sections of the sale sheet is now much easier. When an existing sale is opened, the software will automatically “expand” a section that contains data. When a new sale is opened, several sections, thought they are empty, will be open by default.
    • This feature has been one of the most requested by the greatest number of users. A new section has been added to the sale sheet to allow importing of photo/exhibit pages to a report.
    • To see the new section, open a sale in the Sale Editor. The Photo Pages section is found between the Comments and Attachments sections. Here is a screen shot of it:
    • There are five options, including: Exhibit Page, 1 or 2 med photo pages, and 3 or 6 small photo pages.
    • Choose the kind of page desired, and after entering data and loading the photo/s, click on the Add button in the upper right corner of the section. The page has been added.
    • Note: All files that are attached to the sale will appear in the select image window; however, ONLY image file types such as jpg can be selected for the photo pages.
    • Photo pages can be edited, deleted, etc., at any time. Multiple photos pages will paste into ClickForms in the same order as displayed here. To change the tab order use the directional arrows seen in the example above.

Enterprise Specific

  • The list of Search By options presented for a given category will reflect only those criteria for which the user can obtain a search result. The all-inclusive lists have been eliminated.
  • The Land Mix search now includes both deeded and non-deeded criteria. The user can input the minimum/maximum acres or unit size as desired.